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Rules of Amazing Race

All the teams that are involved in the amazing race are supposed to abide by the rules. Before you engage in any game; it is recommended that you find out what their rules are. Otherwise, you are at the risk of being penalized in the case you do not follow the rules. Penalziation is going to adversely affect the finishing position in the competition. There are numerous rules that are supposed to be followed in this kind of game. Before you get into the game, ensure that you understand these commonly known rules.

The first rules regarding the distance that you are supposed to maintain. Teams are required to stay at least 20 feet from the other ones. Otherwise the distance can be altered by the game manager depending on the game that you are playing. It is vital to ensure that you are near the sound and camera crew. Unless otherwise stated, any of the transportation team is supposed to accommodate the camera crew.

While you are continuing with the game, you should not call your friends, family, or the acquittance. in some instances, you can be given one opportunity of calling them, but from there you should not contact them again. Situations that may allow you to contact the people who are not in the game is when there is an emergency. For example, if the health of one of the teammate is deteriorating, it would be necessary to make a call. The locals can provide you with the assistance unless otherwise stated. The locals who help you in the process of navigation are supposed to appear on the camera footage. In relation to getting help from the locals, it is vital that you understand the rules.

One more rule related to the teams working together. There are situations that may force teams to be working together. However, there are limitations on when teams may work together. For example, it is not allowed when one teamwork to impede the performance of the other one. you must be careful as you are going to be penalized even when the hindrance was not intended. Do not attempt to use the vehicles that are designed for the other team and never alternate the equipment for the other team.

While in the game, no one is supposed to have money or credit card with them. Books, GPS units, camera, smartphones, and maps are another thing that you should not have. What is necessary for the race will be provided before the game starts. Team may also be assisted to borrow phones from the locals in the case they would wish to call. Also, the team are allowed to barter or sell the things they have acquired during the game.

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